I love me

Autumn arrives at my front doorstep.  I open the door to say a hello, she sighs and delivers me a few raindrops and withered leaves. Unappealing to me,  I close the door and retreat to my kitchen to see what there may be.

Brown sugar and vanilla, oh my! I search a little further. Coconut oil and matcha, can this be? Throw in some sea salt and I believe heaven has just been handed to me.

September granted me a month long journey to France,  so I now use October to reset and cleanse. This time I'll do more than just nourish my belly, I'll send my skin on an edible journey.

Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Srub

Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Srub

I love me Scrub

3/4 cup of dermera brown sugar

1/4 cup of coarse sea salt 

1/4 cup coconut oil

*1 tsp matcha 

1 tsp vanilla extract

*15 drops of Orange Essential oil

*5 drops of Cypress Essential oil

1. Grind salt in a mortar and pestle until powder fine.

2. In a small bowl combine sugar, salt, coconut oil, vanilla and if using,  matcha and both essential oils.  Mix together well and place into your favourite jar until ready to use. 


1. Feel free to use any oil you like. Olive is also a wonderful oil,  but I find the coconut intoxicating!  Play with your favourite  essential oils or even omit.  2. This is a lot of fun and a little messy while in the shower, but it's nothing a little hot water can't fix.