Pancake Tuesday, A Climbers Heaven

*Dirtbag (in accordance to climbing):  One who subjects themselves to long periods of living in the outdoors where their only daily objective is climbing.  

Whilst travelling in Australia I had the joy of being one of these dirtbags, living for two months out of my tent and another two months out of my car.  My friends and I would spend our days climbing, eating, drinking, playing music, and sleeping.  Our only mission was to climb, climb, and climb with an occasional rest day.

Rest days were often spent fuelling up with delicious favourites for the next climbing binge.

A good friend once commanded that Pancakes shall be eaten on all rest days. I must confess now to all my climbing friends, I don't really like pancakes.  However, I do and did love the joy I  received through making these loved cakes for them around a camp fire.  

So with the truth finally out, I celebrate all my loved ones near and far on this Pancake Tuesday with this delicious stack of fluffy Canadian Pancakes lathered in layers of tangy lemon curd, sweet Swiss meringue and organic berries .

Cheers Friends! 

Lemon Meringue Pancakes