Sun Chasers

With winter fully settled in, I  feel somewhat stagnate, even a little  dull. Perhaps the culprite is last week or the last three months of grey lit skies, barren trees and withered  gardens. Like Katherine Mansfield,  I've never appreciated or longed  more for the sun. 


After all the rain, the sun 
Shines on hill and grassy mead; 
Fly into the garden, child, 
You are very glad indeed. 

For the days have been so dull, 
Oh, so special dark and drear, 
That you told me, "Mr. Sun 
Has forgotten we live here." 

Dew upon the lily lawn, 
Dew upon the garden beds; 
Daintly from all the leaves 
Pop the little primrose heads. 

And the violets in the copse 
With their parasols of green 
Take a little peek at you; 
They're the bluest you have seen. 

On the lilac tree a bird 
Singing first a little note, 
Then a burst of happy song 
Bubbles in his lifted throat. 

O the sun, the comfy sun! 
This the song that you must sing, 
"Thank you for the birds, the flowers, 
Thank you, sun, for everything."

Katherine Mansfield

Sun Chasers: In  rice paper  wrap  pineapple, papaya, banana, baby spinach and sweet basil then lather in  masala spiced cashew coconut butter and  I assure you, you  will  find eternal sunshine.