Mr. Wilson

Blueberry lemon and lavender Frangipane

Blueberry lemon and lavender Frangipane

I have been living in a beautiful old home for the last seven months.

There is a warmth that stems from the man who lived there for over forty years.  I never met Mr. Wilson but his essence resides in my space.  

Little whispers of his persona sweep throughout the details of the home. He dances throughout the garden - through the tulips, roses, and peonies.  He hums whilst the rhubarb grows taller and taller and when the blueberries blossom.  His birds radiate blue warmth from the walls of his heart into mine and his stories walk in and out from room to room,  waiting to be shared with those listening.   

He told me once he loved blueberries.

What better to share stories over than blueberries baked in noisette lavender butter, toasted almonds and lemon.  Mr Wilson I believe would have willingly told me many secrets whilst gobbling up this yummy treat.